Thursday, May 13, 2010


Mapping is a visual way of depicting complex and layered information.  The most successful ones inform the viewer of something with little to no background information in an instant.

Here are some examples

TimeSpace: World TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. Discover news hot-spots where coverage is clustered. Use the timeline to illustrate peaks in coverage, and customize your news searches to a particular day or specific hour. (Many Washington Post stories appear at midnight; others are published throughout the day as news happens). Click the ? In the upper right for help.

Some helpful sites and other examples

From Richard Barlow's lecture
From Richard Barlow's lecture



Taken DIRECTLY from the Information is beautiful site - the COOLEST record review of all time:                                   Great Visualizers: Mike Deal charts The Beatles

New York-based designer Mike Deal has a great project going visualizing The Beatles.
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal

I especially like this one. It tracks the keys of Beatles’ album tracks. You can see at a glance their poppier, more harmonic albums.
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
Charting The Beatles - Mike Deal
The project is an offshoot of an ongoing kaleidoscopic project at and on Flickr.
If it grabs you, head on over and take part. See you there!


done for/by the UN Headquarters in NY

Check out this web site:

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